Gant snake slithers from water towards old man then he reaches for it and surprises everyone

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Maybe it’s just me, but this video of a huge snake’s unusual friendship with a man is kind of the coolest thing ever. In the video below, a large water snake comes up from out of the water, peers at the old man sitting on the dock, then takes a snack right out of his hand. He claims that the snake “remembers him,” which suggests he’s been doing this for a while, adding to the awesomeness this moment.

It turns out that Tim Jones, a retired zoo director living in Texas, does know what he’s doing. According to Jones, three large Nerodia rhombifers, commonly known as diamondback water snakes, live behind his house in the lake. He’s gotten quite familiar with the large female over the years and has trained her to gingerly take fish that he catches from his hand.

Not only did she remember me, she really came up to me when she saw me. I’m real happy over that,” Jones says.

The best part of the video, was the man telling everyone why he “taped up his britches”.

This video may be slightly creepy, but Jones’ commentary makes it one of the most endearing clips of all time.

Watersnake climbs out of pond

Possibly the sweetest commentary on any video, bless him.Via Newsflare

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