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People Are Calling This Rare Creature ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World’

If you sit back and really consider the world’s unfathomable array of natural beauty, it can be a little overwhelming! Whether it’s a stunning geological formation or a lovely flower, there’s a bevy of hair-raising natural marvels all around you.

Still, few of them stack up to one rare breed of horse from Turkmenistan. The creatures are called “Akhal-Teke,” and their breathtakingly coats are completely unlike anything most of us have ever seen.

Just wait until you look at this majestic creature. You won’t believe your eyes!

The world is filled with a vast array of natural beauty, and for that reason, it’s pretty easy to become overwhelmed by it. No matter where you look, there’s something at which to marvel. Be it a beautiful flower or a gorgeous mountain, beauty is all around.

As it turns out, there are many gorgeous animals that walk the Earth that the average person may not realize exist. Even among a fairly common animal, like horses for example, there is surprising beauty to be found.
It’s certainly no secret that all horses are majestic, beautiful creatures, but there’s one breed in particular that truly stands out from the rest. It’s called Akhal-Teke, and it hails from Turkmenistan. As if that didn’t seem exotic enough, these horses are known for their shining blonde coats that almost look metallic!

Known in China as “horses from heaven,” these creatures are very rare, with only around 1,250 in existence today. Their coats actually get their trademark luster from the unique structural properties of the hairs themselves.

Scientists have discovered that the proteins in these horses’ hairs are arranged in such a way that, when light hits them, the hairs reflect and refract the light similarly to how metal does. That’s a pretty nifty genetic fluke! Just look at this beauty…

As it turns out, Akhal-Teke aren’t the only rare, majestic horses roaming the Earth. Just ask Scott and Jackie Nelson, who have owned and operated the Down Under Colour ranch in Melbourne, Florida, for many years.

Their ranch boasts quite a number of impressive American and Australian paint horses, which have a recognizable pattern on their coats and are known worldwide for their incredible appearance. This includes the presence of what are known as “pinto” markings.

The Nelsons are highly regarded by other ranchers as experts in the business; they train and raise the animals right on their own property. Additionally, they partake in nationwide competitions where their horses stand to win rosettes.

Clearly, the Nelsons were incredibly proud of the horses they’d been raising all these years, so it’s no wonder they were excited to discover that one of their mares, Poka, had recently become pregnant for the first time ever. Little did they know what would lie ahead of them…

One night during her eleventh month of pregnancy, Poka suddenly went into labor. The Nelsons stood by in anticipation of the foal that would emerge. With their cameras in hand, they were instantly stunned: this foal was different in a major way. See why in the full story here…
Incredible! The pictures of these horses are magnificent. You can only imagine how impressive they look up close in real life!

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